The Mouse Farm is a rodent breeding facility in Texas. We have been raising mice and rats since 1992 and have serviced the herptelogical, wildlife and zoological needs in the State of Texas since that time. It is our desire to branch out and sell to those in the rest of the United States.

We provide prime rodents which are fed a high quality diet. Our employees do a wonderful job of caring for our animals. The rodents are humanely euthanized and frozen. They are frozen individually and then packaged and vacuum packed. Because they are frozen individually, they may be removed from their packaging and used individually. The total package does not have to be thawed to remove one rodent for use.

Our work efforts are solely for the purpose of raising the best rodents possible for our customers’ needs. We understand (from our customers) that we have a very tasty product. Their reptiles, birds of prey and animals are completely satisfied.

If you have any questions, please go to “Contact Us”. We will reply within 12 – 24 hours.